2Nite Vodka: Award Winning Italian Vodka

History has shown us that some of the best liquors come from family-owned distilleries that have been around for generations. 2Nite vodka is one of these, hailing from an Italian distillery that was established in 1842. The methods of production and recipes used to create their spirit have been handed down over the years. Though steeped in history, there are modern twists that work to make this vodka unique and therefore competitive in the mainstream market.

Ingredients are often the first consideration of a vodka connoisseur. 2Nite vodka is unique in the ingredients that it does not include, such as sugar and glycerine. It is also caffeine free. What is does include are authentic Italian grains and water that is sourced from an Italian glacier. The spirit is distilled using a marble filtration system which is again, completely Italian. Once completed, the vodka is placed into a hand-painted bottle. The final result is a vodka that is smooth, clean, and of high quality.

2Nite vodka has been recognized and received awards at two San Francisco World Spirits Competitions. In 2010 it took the gold medal, and in 2011 the brand received a double gold medal. In independent testing, the vodka was compared with over 1,200 other types based on most important qualities. 2Nite scored 86% better than the rest of the group. Typically, accolades such as this go hand in hand with expensive spirits. This is not the case with 2Nite vodka.
An interesting side note is that 2Nite vodka drinkers have been reporting that the brand is an excellent choice for reducing the chance of a hangover. There may be some truth in this. Excellent filtration will remove many of the impurities that are associated with causing a hangover. Additionally, high amounts of sugar and caffeine may both contribute to the morning after drinking blues. The company has made no comment in regard to these claims and of course recommends that everyone drink responsibly.

At a base level, 2Nite vodka is a high quality product that is offered at a reasonable price. Vodka lovers in search of a new and different brand will certainly want to try this one and judge for themselves. The product is widely available at this time.

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